Santini And POLARTEC ®



The real challenge facing all cyclists throughout the winter is finding a way to keep pedalling when temperatures drop. Santini Cycling Wear responded to this dilemma with a line of winter apparel made from Polartec fabrics that deliver unparalleled performance. The jacket, bib-tights, base layer, and glove liners — all Italian-made — adapt effortlessly to the rapid variations in temperature typical of fall and winter, to provide wearers with dynamic heat regulation in all conditions.

It's no coincidence that the entire line was one of the winners of the prestigious Polartec Apex Awards for stylishly designed, on-trend products that that push boundaries and unlock the full potential of our fabric technologies.


Featured in our Vega Extreme jackets, POLARTEC® Windbloc® provides maximum weather protection from wind, water and cold conditions. Its unique polyurethane membrane holds strong against the harshest elements, while still allowing moisture vapor to permeate outside. Windbloc® is Highly Water resistant and 100% windproof.

Vega Extreme Men's Jacket

Vega Extreme Women's Jacket


Featured in our Vega Multi jackets, POLARTEC® Power Shield® is a resilient 3-layer fabric that protects against the elements, but without the stiff hand and loud noise of a hard shell. This allows Power Shield® to provide greater comfort, while defending against strong winds, rain, snow, and even abrasive surfaces. Power Shield® has a 5000 mm water column resistance and unlike other protective layers, Power Shield®’s microporous membrane easily releases excess heat and moisture vapor for dry conditions both inside and out.

Vega Multi Men's Jacket

Vega Multi Women's Jacket


Featured in our Vega Extreme jackets’ inner collar, baselayers, Vega Extreme, Alpha® active insulation is engineered for consistent warmth, while allowing greater breathability during activity. Alpha® was invented for the U.S. Special Forces that required a superior insulation system for extreme temperature variations and the start-stop conditions of combat. This air exchange technology creates sustained comfort without shedding layers.


Featured in our ADAPT range, POLARTEC’s highly-efficient thermo-regulating Power Wool fabric is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers that give incredible comfort and insulation. Power Wool™’s advanced knit construction places each distinct fiber where it can work to its highest potential. This hybrid design is made with a soft, odour reducing, merino wool base and a highly durable synthetic exterior.

Adapt Men's Mid Weight Jacket

Adapt Wool Men's Long Sleeve Jersey

Adapt Thermal Men's Bib Tight

Adapt Wool Men's 3/4 Bib Tights