Care Guide

Santini products are designed to meet the needs of professional cyclists at the sport's highest level helping them compete in a wide range of weather conditions. We choose technologies and materials that provide you maximum performance in the saddle. In order to ensure a long life for your Santini garments each item should be handled according to the following care instructions.

Follow the instructions displayed on the garment care label inside every product. The instructions on the garment always supersede the instructions on a cleaning product.

As a general rule DO NOT use fabric softeners and DO NOT tumble dry. If using a washing machine you should only wash at 30 degrees C and use Non Biologic detergent.

All Santini garments are made from technical fabrics with specific properties to enhance comfort and performance while riding. Garments must be washed regularly in line with the specific washing instructions to ensure the technical fabrics continue to function at a high level.